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Much like other battle royale games, Apex Legends is all about high-intensity combat. The game only offers a single map (and the one is a pretty big one, too, but if you know how to play the game you can still complete the objective), and you only have one life. That is where the similarities end, however. Unlike other battle royale games (such as Fortnite or PUBG), Apex Legends is a squad based battle royale game, which means that you will be playing with a team of three other players. In order to win the game, you have to be the last team standing.

With the release of the new “Apex Legends” update that added a new “Arenas” mode, players are looking for specific tips on how to win more. If you’ve read through some of our previous articles, you’ll know that we can’t give you a definite answer for every situation, but we can give you some general tips that will help you stay alive longer and win more games as a result. This list, which has been updated for the launch of Season One: Wild Frontier, is a collection of tips that we’ve found useful as we’ve played the game, and we hope they will help you climb the ranks in the new season (and beyond).

Like many of you, we’ve been playing the heck out of Apex Legends since it launched last week. Our team at cached-fps also hosts some of our favorite streamers, and they’ve helped us put together this guide for how the new Apex Legends Arena Mode works. The mode adds a new wrinkle to the battle royale formula we know and love. Instead of fighting to be the last team standing, the objective in the Arena Mode is to reach 25 points before the other teams do.

word-image-5102 Season 9 of Apex Legends includes a brand new 3v3 Arena mode. The new PvP Arena mode reduces the number of levels and introduces different maps where two teams compete against each other with new rules and restrictions. This new mode is highly addictive and brings a whole new way to play Apex Legends, collecting legends to win the team mode. We’ve put together this Apex Legends Arenas mode guide with tips and tricks to help you win easily in the new Apex Legends Arenas mode.

Arena Mode Guide – Legends of Apex

Our Apex Legends Arena Mode Guide contains everything you need to know to win in the new Apex Legends Arena Mode. Explanation of Arena Mode Unlike Battle Royale mode, Arenas mode has smaller maps and only two teams competing in three rounds. The main difference is that both players keep their weapons after each round and have to buy them back with credits for another round. There are currently five maps in Arena mode, but we can expect maps to come in and out of rotation regularly. Each game in Arena lasts about 15 minutes on average if the two teams are of equal strength. At the beginning of the game, each player has a P2020 and a Mozambique shotgun, but as they get more materials, they can upgrade their weapons for that turn. It’s similar to Valorant or CS:GO, but unlike there, weapons are lost and must be redeemed when a new round begins. Materials are earned by completing rounds. There are nine rounds in total, with a minimum of three rounds. To win, one of the teams must be ahead by at least 2 points. All items in the mode, including weapons, consumables and skills, cost materials, and for some of the more powerful weapons and skills you’ll have to wait a few turns until you’ve earned enough resources to pay for them. Ultimate abilities have been removed from every legend by default, and you will have to spend a certain amount of materials to acquire and use them in the game. This helps balance out the early game, and some powerful ultimates cost more. It is important to note that the ring always reduces the arena, so the threat of the ring does not disappear even in arena mode, so you must always keep moving. Each round also brings a package of three upgraded weapons, so keep your eyes peeled, but you can expect strong opposition at these points, as both teams will be focusing on them. To win in Arena mode, we have some tips and tricks that we will explain in more detail below: Tips and tricks for the Arena mode in Apex Legends The following tips and tricks will help you get better at the new Arena mode. Manage your resources with your team The materials you earn during a round are divided among all team members, so it’s important that you play as a team and leave enough for your teammates. Formulate a strategy with your teammates if you can, and try to plan your purchases around that strategy. It is best to save powerful weapons and skills for later stages, as they may prove useless if you are not careful in the first levels of the game. Help new players so that everyone uses the pool wisely. Stay with long-range weapons. The maps in Arena mode are small, but big enough to use good distance weapons. You should get a remote weapon as soon as possible, because staying at a safe distance and shooting at your enemies is always a good strategy, unless you’re playing the role of kamikaze and like to pounce on the enemy with a shotgun. Finding a good vantage point with a distance weapon always allows you to easily reduce your opponent’s health before they get too close. word-image-2504 Plunder dead enemies You still have to loot the killed enemies to get their weapons. Chances are they have weapons you want to use for the second slot. After killing enemies, if the coast is clear, you should always loot their corpses and add another powerful weapon to your inventory without spending a cent. Make sure the area is clean, because enemies can sometimes lure you with corpses. Avoid wasting resources on secondary weapons You should always strive to have a strong weapon in addition to your starting weapon. Use the P2020 or the Mozambique as a secondary weapon until you can get more weapons from killed enemies. Don’t waste materials on two powerful weapons, instead buy a basic weapon that you are really good at and keep upgrading it, and buy shields because they are very useful in arena mode. Legend Ultimate buy In Arena mode, the markings for Ultimate Skills are removed by default, and to use them, you must first acquire them by spending resources. The price of the more powerful ultimate skills is also much higher in Arena mode, so you’ll need to save up resources for ultimate skills, especially in the later games. At the right time, these ultimates can make all the difference, which is why you should always invest in them. word-image-5103 For more information on Apex Legends Season 9, check out our Apex Legends Valkyrie guide, which details the new content for Season 9. If you have any tips or recommendations on how we can improve Apex Legends Arena mode, feel free to post them below in the comments.Apex Legends is a free-to-play hero shooter from Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts. The game features a variety of unique and fun characters, each with their own weapons, skills, and abilities. But with so many characters, it can be hard to keep track of all their specialties. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to the game’s recently-released Arenas mode, which offers a variety of competitive—and quite a lot more fun—ways to play the game.. Read more about apex legends gameplay and let us know what you think.

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