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When it comes to lame style, there’s always a stereotype that countless wannabes wear in movies and in real life: Leather jackets.

From Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator outfit to Brad Pitts’ red leather ensemble in Fight Club, leather jackets have become a staple in the badass scene.

And now it’s your Sims’ turn to look like him!

Check out all these great leather CC jackets and dress your sim like a true Hollywood superstar!

10. Racing Jacket

Look at this CC

It’s easy to make someone swoon when you wear this stylish coat.

Until they break your heart and come for you ….

Romcoms have taught me not to trust leather-clad villains. But who can resist the temptation of style and walking?

Dress up your Sims with this creation from Darte77 and take on the archetypal look of the darling.

9. Biker Hooded Jacket

Look at this CC

If your Sims wear this CC it can look like a disgusting attempt at cosplay, like Netflix or YA Heartbeat.

But if you want to look at it that way, there is nothing perfect except this CC.

Paired with a few piercings, ripped jeans and a sexy sheen, your sim will ruthlessly win the hearts of many.

8. Marked jacket

Look at this CC

If you’re not feeling quite up to your human style, the best way to cover your insecurities is with a leather jacket.

It’s one of those fashion pieces that can complement anything, and it’s rare that someone doesn’t manage to make someone look ridiculous.

Use your style skills to dress your Sims with this jacket, which comes in 15 designs (that’s 15 more reasons to try it)!

7. Rambler Jacket

Look at this CC

There are many famous leather jackets in history: Michael Jackson’s Thriller jacket, Tom Cruise’s Top Gun jacket, Uma Thurman’s Kill Bill look and many more.

But if we want to know exactly where this trend began, we have to thank Marlon Brando.

In 1953, Brando made his film debut in Wild in a light-hearted and cool way.

That said, Brando has forever branded leather jackets as a rebellious style.

It stayed, and the rest is history.

Stay in the OG tradition and be a part of fashion history with this Rambler CC jacket from Peacemaker_IC.

6. Leather jacket accessories

Look at this CC

Simply wrapping a leather jacket around your shoulders may seem like a silly idea, especially during the winter season.

But it’s not that stupid to think he’s as good as this CC.

On days when your Sims are hot and cold, you can balance their look with this accessory.

5. ShakeProductions Leather Jacket

Look at this CC

Want to look like a Fast & Furious character who fits into Dominic Toretto’s team?

Say no more, my friends.

This jacket from ShakeProductions is exactly what you are looking for.

Look like every other female protagonist in the film franchise and get ready to save the world from anyone famous enough to take on Vin Diesel on the big screen.

With 31 patterns available, this CC will dress your Sims in fashion for at least another dozen episodes.

4. Leather short jacket

Look at this CC

If EA asked Billie Eilish to design The Sims 4, he would come up with exactly this short leather jacket.

It’s unlike any other classic leather jacket we’ve seen, making it a unique find for your Sim’s collection.

Update your casual look with an oversized leather top available in 10 shiny patterns.

3. Bad leather jacket

Look at this CC

There are jackets that keep you warm, and others that prevent people from bothering you.

This jacket from Savagesims is a perfect example of the latter.

It’s not easy to intimidate people at first. But that won’t be so hard anymore now that you have tough outerwear like this SS to fend off the bad guys, bullies and haters.

If you’re already an asshole, you might as well look like one.

2. Loose leather jacket

Look at this CC

Believe it or not, but for many, leather jackets are indispensable in the wardrobe.

It’s versatile, elegant and goes with any outfit.

In other words, it’s a life-saving garment that can change your outfit from cocky to damn, you look fiiiiiii!

Download this CC by Marigold loose leather jacket and see for yourself!

1. Biker jacket

Look at this CC

A good leather jacket has only one purpose: to make the wearer look like a rock star.

And this biker style jacket offers all this and more!

Whether you’re walking in the park or partying, CC by Darte77 is always with you.

It has sequins, extra zippers, buckles and all the other features that put old leather jackets of the same design to shame.

In short, it’s great work by the TS4 community.

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