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Creative selfies are complicated enough, IRL.

There are only a few expressions that suit you. And your face can only be very interesting.

Even Insta models with full-time jobs have to work harder to stay engaged.

I mean, if they post a selfie, it’s usually under the guise of showing off a new haircut or makeup or something. Very rarely do they admit to posting a selfie with the sole intention of immortalizing their own face.

The creators of Sims CC probably face the same challenge for individual selfie poses. How do you make something that is really just a self-portrait without a good background or interesting props more interesting?

I can’t say I know the answer. But the creators of these selfie suits are definitely posing for The Sims 4!

First, make sure Andrew’s Pose Player and Scumbum’s Teleport Any Sim mods are ready, and then try them out:

1. Caprese self-packing cans

Look at this CC

Is the baby on the way?

Say it loud, say it proud – with a fun Simstagram selfie!

Seriously, this pregnancy glow is real.

If your Sim wants a photo that will really melt the hearts of his or her followers, there’s nothing better than capturing the joy of an expectant parent.

This pack contains five poses, all of which must be taken in front of a mirror (which means you’ll need a phone accessory for your left hand). Pretty simple poses, but they are all beautifully executed.

Some would even pass for pretty selfies – without a baby bump!

The headline is up, but the iPhone accessory Caterwauls refers to in the description leads to a dead page. I recommend you follow this link instead. This phone can be equipped with body accessories.

Even if it doesn’t seem to be in the middle in CAS (in my case, the iPhone accessory ended up in my wrist), don’t worry, it will end up in your Sims handset.

2. Selfie Dodger Set – Set #1 by Weighe Sims

Look at this CC

Influencer collaborations are always very important.

If your social media star is friends with another Simstagram icon, why not show off that friendship with random BFF poses (and take advantage of all the benefits that come with it)?

These Veiga Sims poses are perfect for that.

The positions may be pretty standard, but the expressions are anything but.

In fact, they’re just the right mix of moderate excitement and hypothermia, resulting in some incredibly cool facial expressions that look great even on standard EA masks.

They give your Sim a confident and authoritative appearance.

(And perhaps a little untouchable, but then again, influential people aren’t exactly known for their modesty).

3. Selfie Dose Girl Pack – Set #2 by Veiga Sims

Look at this CC

Veiga Sims Girl Selfie Pose Pack #2 is an impressive example of the versatility and expressiveness of Sims 4 faces.

The standard expressions for a TS4 selfie are usually a variation of wide smiles and happy crescent eyes, right? That’s right.

It works, but it can get repetitive.

This pose can spice up your simstagram and show a wider range of emotions.

I’ve tested them in game and can confirm that they come across very well, even on EA’s standard unadjusted faces.

I was still blushing a little because of KK’s blush. But what social media influencer can’t get in front of the camera?

There are a total of six poses in this set: serious, thoughtful, soft smile, small smile, small grin, and just a full smile.

I find these expressions much more modern than those of social media stars IRL.

4. Selfie Dose Pack for boys – set #4 of Veiga Sims

Look at this CC

Don’t worry, gentlemen. Veiga Sims also posted a selfie pose for the boys.

And it’s just as new, atmospheric and well-executed as her Self-Taught Girls set.

Like the previous Sims women pack, this pack has six poses:

  • Put your arm around my neck.
  • A small smile
  • thumb up
  • radiant smile
  • dangle
  • A sweet smile

And they are very explicit.

This system of naming is something I personally appreciate, as it helps distinguish between the different poses in a pack.

Without wanting to overshadow a creator, I realize that we all have our own way of doing things. But I am often frustrated by pose packages that name individual poses with a combination of numbers and/or letters (e.g. pose_001, 03, A) instead of describing the pose itself.

Therefore, it is quite difficult to remember which poses to use, especially in packages with more than five poses.

Back to this package from Veiga Sims.

Again, this is a breath of fresh air.

Just look at the vignettes to see how varied the emotions are.

As for the execution, the expressions are well thought out and look great in the game. There’s no awkwardness here, no alien valley, sir.

5. Catharsis Selfie Queen Wrap

Look at this CC

If the custom install is the track, you know it will be in place.

Especially the faces.

I truly believe they are one of the best posers in the TS4 CC community. And their expressions are a big part of the reason.

They still manage to maintain a neat look without leaving the realm of over-the-top cartooning.

Similarly, facial expressions look great on Alpha CC and Maxis Match skin blends.

So whatever you prefer, the pose will look good in the game.

This series of royal selfie poses is a good example of that.

The model used by the designer has more realistic photographic features.

As someone who prefers color textures, I can attest that all five poses looked good, even with the expert’s standard skin, mouth, and eyes.

As with the other packages, the link to the phone in the creator’s description leads to a dead page (again). Feel free to use the redhead’s cc phone accessory (the one I mentioned earlier on this page).

6. (LS) Self Service iPhone X Poses and Shots by LispySimmer

Look at this CC

LispySimmer deserves a lot of credit for this custom package.

They were able to create ten individual poses (six for women and four for men) that were different and well executed.

They translate well to the game, they’re not difficult to pose at all (so you don’t have to mess with Scumbos’ Teleport Any Sim mod), and they work with CC and vanilla clothing.

There are no drawbacks to this kit.

I also have to say that these poses + custom expressions are some of the truest creations I’ve come across.

Seriously, the looks on my Sims’ faces when I put them in these poses were very reminiscent of real social media influencers.

For example, the male poses made my sim feel big, proud and confident.

The female poses are an excellent blend of softness and sensuality, with an allure that only the girl in the doorway possesses.

My girls usually don’t photograph very well (I’m not much of a CAS simulator, you know), but these expressions made them insanely photogenic.

Unfortunately, the iPhone X and later revisions mentioned in the creator’s notes also cause the pages to go dark. Don’t worry, because Redheads-cc’s phone accessories fit these poses perfectly.

7. Mirror Igelism Narokissimov

Look at this CC

For the worst rhymer who knows she’s a queen, I give you: 3 awesome selfie poses in front of a narokissim mirror.

Perfect for when your social sim has an aesthetic vibe but you don’t feel like getting up.

Honestly, these poses are some of the best IRL-TS4 translations on this list.

Of course, there are only three. But with this quality?

Three is enough.

The creator has taken the typical social media star attitude and imitated it flawlessly in The Sims 4.

Everything from the masterful pose to the barely visible sensual smile is stunningly accurate.

If you use Alpha CC to make your Sims as realistic as possible, I promise you that the screenshots you take will look like real Instagram photos. It is the precision of these postures.

8. selfies woman from kitchen

Look at this CC

If you’re looking for simple, straightforward selfie poses – nothing over the top or overdone – then these flattened poses will do the trick.

There are 6 poses for the Sims women, and they are all variations on the standard, rather stereotypical selfie smile.

I can’t say I’m a big fan of the third pose (where she throws a peace sign, eyes open), because it translates rather oddly for my non-alpha CC’d sim.

But all the other custom expressions are great in the game.

I especially liked the first pose (shy smile with fingers covering mouth) and the last pose (eyes closed, lips tightly together).

Not very unique in concept. But the execution more than makes up for it.

9. Windmill Pose Pack by Sims.Babe

Look at this CC

For an awesome (and easily customizable) Simstagram selfie, check out this windmill pose pack from Sims.Babe.

I think the name comes from the fact that all the sims appear in a neat row one after the other.

A bit like blowing maps, but with real human models.

Generally I avoid group poses if at all possible, just because it’s such a hassle to set them up.

Unless the creator has remembered to include a diagram showing where and how each Sim teleport should be placed, I usually spend hours recreating (and failing) the sample images.

Fortunately, this pose set up by Sims Babe is pretty simple.

Put them one by one in a row (as close together as possible), and voila, a nice group of selkies.

I tried out this posing set with four of my Sims, but you can also have five people in a photo if you want.

Don’t forget to download the language accessories that the designer specified in the description! Sims facial expression doesn’t look so strange without the speech….. But it can look rather strange if you use certain skin blends or graphics settings.

10. Mirror V.2 Position set by flower camera

Look at this CC

From a subjective standpoint, this set of poses is probably the most complete on this list (at least in terms of poses and positions).

From the small vignettes, I didn’t expect much. But when did I try them?

I was shocked.

Hands down, my favorite on this list. No competition.

20 poses that work for men and women, and they’re all incredibly detailed.

I’m talking about little tilts of the head, little grimaces at the corner of the mouth, subtle pouting, little variations – the whole nine yards.

I’m not kidding – the amount of thought and effort that probably went into this package is insane, and it certainly paid off.

There is not a single bad or boring pose here. They have variations of poses, standing, sitting, leaning against the wall, and everything in between.

Remember all the hype about interesting selfie poses? I think the creator understood that, because all the poses in this set are of incredible quality. And they stand out.

If you only want to download one package from this list, I recommend this.

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