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Dresses are one of the most versatile types of clothing. You’ll rarely find two like it.

There are a million different types and one of the most popular, for good reason, is the strapless dress.

This is a relatively new development when you think about it. Not long ago, a woman who showed her shoulders would have been hanged in the city for indecency.

Thankfully, those days are long gone. And now we can all try out much more of what fashion has to offer.

And our sims should enjoy all the diversity they can get, honestly. I always hate seeing two or three city people in the same place wearing the same clothes.

Well, here are some custom strapless dresses so you don’t have to worry about your simms blending into the crowd.

1. Pierre Balmain Evening Dress

Look at this CC

In case you don’t know (like me), Pierre Balmain is a fashion house.

She was once very, very tall, known for her sophistication and elegance.

Dresses like this are a perfect example.

It has a rich vintage style that is perfect for any simulation, no matter the occasion.

The waist is tied with a bow and the flowing skirt underneath is simply stunning. Each of the 36 designs is beautiful, whether plain or floral.

2. Sylvia Dress

Look at this CC

This dress is sure to accentuate every curve of your Sim.

It’s similar to the other dresses you’ll find in the game, but in a much more elegant and sleek cut, and with impressive color palettes.

The royal blue in particular is incredible – your sim will steal the show.

The beauty of strapless dresses is that they leave a lot of room for accessories on top.

Add a nice necklace or maybe even a tattoo on the collarbone to intensify the look!

3. Heavenly Dress

Look at this CC

Pepperoni Puffin is the master tailor of the SS.

That’s why Simmer’s dresses appear three times on this list. Hey, if you find the best, you should take everything he has.

The attention to detail is almost as impressive as the dress itself. The gathering lines go to the big, beautiful band on the hip of your ledge that drapes down.

As I mentioned above, the advantage of strapless dresses is that they offer a more open space.

One possible drawback is that many of them are so long that no one will see your shoes.

But in such a beautiful dress, no one will look at your Sim’s feet.

4. Robe Renée

Look at this CC

I’m not always so enthusiastic about CC. But when I do, it’s CAS stuff, like this dress, always from Pepperoni Puffin.

It’s a much lighter, more casual look, perfect for a springtime sim.

It stops just above the knee of your sim for a stylish look that can’t be beat.

I know that the Sim year does not necessarily reflect the actual year. But after a long winter, I’m ready for dresses like this.

5. Elodie Dress

Look at this CC

This is a dress that will really raise the level of elegance in your Sim’s life.

This solution is more suited to formal environments.

And with twenty samples, it’s definitely a good choice for any event.

This dress can be used all year round.

Indoor Christmas parties, summer nights, everything.

Either way, your simulation will look great.

As far as simple long dresses go, there’s nothing better than this SS!

6. Kendra Dress

Look at this CC

The texture of this dress is the first thing I noticed.

These lines and color combinations give the impression that your Sim is being transported on the ocean, with waves on his body.

And it’s one of the shortest dresses on this list.

It has a tapered bottom that starts mid-thigh and goes up to the opposite knee, and a straight cut on top – strapless, of course.

It’s funny how often you only have to look at a dress to understand what it’s for. This was listed as a party dress by the designer, Syfix. And I understand exactly why.

Of course, anyone wearing it will feel like they’re having fun!

7. Cornelia Gewand

Look at this CC

I think this is one of the most amazing dresses out there for our Sims.

Then it becomes fashionable.

The bust is sheer and thin, but the rest of the dress extends down to the floor. Like a river of silk.

Or cotton.

Or polyester.

You never know what a Sim’s clothes are made of, unless they are knitted.

I think The Sims 4 really has too few options for the super rich and sophisticated Sims, so this is a must for you stubborn ladies!

8. Teddy Bear Dress

Look at this CC

Sentate, the creator of CC, the same genius who gave us the previous dress, has struck gold again.

This Winnie dress has all the class and elegance you could want, with a little less intensity.

And your Sim can show more skin here, thanks to an asymmetrical hemline that reveals plenty of leg.

There is also a slight increase in Sims hip that really brings out the enveloping effect.

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