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Several types of game modes are available to players in Destiny 2, most of which are PVE (player vs. environment) or PVP (player vs. player).

In Gambit (Competitive Co-Op), you can fight against the enemies of humanity as well as other Guardians in PVPVE (Player vs Player vs Environment).

Your goal is to kill the enemies of humanity, get items called motels that they drop, collect motels and kill a primitive.

Gambit game

At the beginning of the game, players wait for the Drifter to draw the enemies of humanity that you and your opponents will fight.

Then there is a short period where all players wait for the match to start, and then you can see your opponents.

The types of enemies you may face in Destiny 2 include one of the following factions:

The draw randomly determines which faction you’ll face, as well as which original final boss you’ll take on.

Killing the enemies of humanity

The combat portion begins, and you and your team must get to where the enemies are approaching to fight them.

You have to go kill enemies to get divots, which they drop after they die so you can pick them up.

Enemies appear in groups at specific locations, marked as waypoints that you and your team must follow to attack them.

Enemies appear in one area at a time, and you and your shooting team can work together on the spot to defeat them.

Collection of motorcycles (collection points)

As you kill enemies, drop divots that can be picked up as you approach them, so you can pick them up immediately.

You can move a total of 15 mouths. A counter will appear at the top indicating the number of mouths you can add with the bar.

These mota can cause enemies to focus more on you and should be taken with a grain of salt as they rush to their deaths, especially if you kill an opposing team member.

If motes have been placed but not retrieved, they begin to flash and disappear after a few seconds.

You can see the progress of your shooting team, as well as that of the enemy team, displayed by the bar at the top of the screen.

Reasons for submission (assessment points)

Once you have the motes, you must return them to your bank, which is marked with a landmark if you have the points.

By collecting clods, your team can score up to 100 points to advance to the next stage, primitive combat.

Every time you and your team score motes in values of 5, 10 or 15, a blocker appears and prevents your opponents from taking motes.

Blockers are enemies that appear in the opponent’s bench and force them to block until the other team can beat them.

Blockers produce the following difficulties, depending on the number of bikes entered:

  • Small blocker (5 bikes)
  • Medium lock (10 bikes)
  • Big Blocker (15 engines)

The bigger the blocker, the harder it is to kill, and the more time you and your team have to work while the opposing team is at a disadvantage.

Kill the Primal (defeat Boss Gambit)

After reaching 100 points, you and your team will start the next stage, in which you have to fight an Urboss.

This opponent must be defeated in order for you and your fire team to emerge victorious, making him a priority target.

Depending on the faction you randomly choose at the beginning of the game, a certain type of final boss awaits you.

The overarching end bosses you face depend on the faction you choose at the beginning of the game.

Emissaries appear along with the Primal boss and can be killed to build up stacks of Primal fighters, allowing you to deal more damage to the boss.

Once the original boss is defeated, you and your fire team are the victors and rewarded.


Once your team has scored 25 points, a portal opens so that one of your team members can cross over to the opponent’s side.

This is where the PVP part comes into play during the gambit, allowing the invading participant to go after members of the other team.

The attackers are given a sheet of paper and can see where their opponents are and how many bikes they have with them.

The pirate can do damage for about 30 seconds or until he is killed or up to 4 guards are killed.

If the other team has summoned their Primal and is fighting it, killing their team members will restore the Primal’s health, making it harder to finish him off.

High value targets

High-value targets are enemies that appear during Gambit’s existence and have a white glow around them, which produces a large number of moths if you kill them.

These enemies usually appear randomly, but more often when your team is behind. So you have a chance of catching them if you kill them to get clods.

When a high-value target appears, an alarm sounds and you must kill it as quickly as possible before it escapes.

Main compartments

In some ways majors are similar to high value targets, but instead of having the ability to escape, they are like a bigger load as far as moths go.

You can kill the major to get more divots than other enemies, who usually give one divot per kill.

The Major, recognizable by its golden glow and striking appearance, is a different and larger type of opponent.


Defeating the Primal ends the game and allows each team member to reap the benefits of the game.

At the end of the game, players are rewarded with infamy points, mica and equipment for their hard work during the gambit.

This makes the game fun, especially if you focus on increasing your infamy points later to get better rewards.

Inflation points

Infamy points are awarded in gambit games and are awarded at the end of the game, whether you won or lost.

Winning games gives you more infamy points, but you also get them as a consolation prize if your team loses.

Those who have a winning streak of Gambit matches get more infamy points based on the number of matches won, which can be multiplied by 5.

Infamy points determine your infamy rank, which can be reset later when you reach the maximum legend rank (15,000 infamy points).

Grade of disgrace Infamy Glasses
Guardian I 0
Guardian II 250
Guardian III 600
I’m brave. 1000
Courageous II 1450
Courageous III 1950
Heroic I 2500
Hero II 3100
heroic III 3750
Legend I 4500
Story II 5350
Knowledge III 6350
Myth I 7500
Myth II 8800
Myth III 10300
Legend 12000
Max 15000

When you reset your infamy rank, you can get different rewards depending on how many times you reset it.

Recognition of shame

You can choose different infamy bounties to join the Drifter, which will give you more experience after completing them.

Infamy bounties require a small amount of mica to purchase and expire 1 day and 3 hours after receipt.

Infamy bonuses can be used to earn more season experience and infamy points, as well as other rewards, depending on the rewards chosen.


Overall, Gambit offers players a whole new experience on Destiny 2, and is definitely worth the effort.

Players can get achievements, rewards and satisfaction by adopting this kind of game as a challenging and exciting mode of play.

Gambit is also a good alternative to obtain equipment and mica that will come in handy later in various aspects of the game.

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