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Unicorns may not be real. But people (and sims) love them like newborn puppies.

Legends have made these unicorn-like creatures so desirable that they have spawned their own line of viral products, such as unicorn snot, body glitter, and unicorn poop slime.

The trend of rainbows eating animals can also be seen in mainstream media such as My Little Ponies: A film that has a higher rating than Joss Whedon’s Justice League.

With such a commercial value, one can only wonder: Why are unicorns so popular?

If magic, brilliance and positive energy are part of your DNA, what’s stopping people from loving you?

Let’s see if we can spice up your TS4 gameplay with some of these eponymous mods and CCs.

Unicorn Baby Lamp

Look at this CC

It is important that children believe in the impossible, such as Santa Claus and the tooth fairy. Why?

Because it makes them curious and happy (and also helps them develop trust issues).

This innocent joy is what makes childhood one of the best years of our lives.

So why not remind Sim’s children of this joy by hanging a unicorn lamp in their room?

It is very design and fits perfectly in any child or teenager’s room.

Unicorn pumpkin

Look at this CC

Here’s a business idea that will bring you extra income during Halloween: Unicorn pumpkins!

Replace the creepiness of typical Halloween decorations with a symbol of hope, purity, pride and all that is positive in the world.

This CC can’t deter gimmicks and greedy healers.

But at least you won’t be the least popular sim on the block – not with unicorn magic by your side!

Unicorn Sandals

Look at this CC

Fashion week ends with these super cute unicorn sandals that I received from the designer at CC Simtographies!

This model has spiral horns and the colors are so bright and vivid that they will encourage others to stare at your Sim’s feet.

Well, I think so.

Take the age CC and go play with a toddler!

Unicorn Inflatable Pool

Look at this CC

It’s impossible to catch a unicorn, let alone ride one.

So let’s move on to the next best thing: an inflatable pool with a unicorn!

With these cuties, you won’t have to worry about your guests drowning or the location not being photogenic at your next pool party at Sim’s!

Sail to fantasy land and listen to the songs of Katy Perry on this PixelDreamworld CC.

Unicorn party set

Look at this CC

Before you condemn a unicorn party, ask yourself: If you had the chance, would you take it?

Deep down, you know there’s a little kid out there who would kill for the chance to celebrate his or her birthday with a rainbow cake with two layers and a batch of macaroons as a snack.

It’s not that bad, so give it a try by downloading this CC Unicorn party set for Sims next birthday party.

Unicorn horn

Look at this CC

Are you dressing up your Sim as a unicorn for no apparent reason?

Well, here are some CCs to complete your sim model!

The horn is what makes a unicorn a unicorn. The ones we know from myths and fairy tales.

Without them, My Little Pony wouldn’t be a million dollar franchise. And then we wouldn’t have had this epic photo of Tom Cruise posing with this beloved mythological creature.

Plus, a horn like this is a handy accessory on days when you feel like stabbing someone.


Look at this CC

The Frappuccino unicorns are dead and gone.

But the unicorn hair trend remains a mane attraction (get it?).

Simulate the rainbow mane of a unicorn by applying Holo Hairstyle CC to your simulator!

With pastel accents and a purple base, this SS will add to your obsession with the mystical mare. At least until you get a new share.

Unicorn Onashi

Look at this CC

There’s no better outfit than a onesie to get a cute (and healthy) reaction from your spouse.

Add a horn and horse ears and you double the sympathy score a hundredfold!

Or just scare them. Anyway, it’s a lot of fun.

Turn your Sim into a walking cuddler with this four-legged unicorn from Plumb Bots.

Unicorn House Property

Look at this CC

Creating a dream house and cotton candy may seem too sweet.

But if you add an IDGAF hyphen, then it starts to get ~magical~.

The unicorn chocolates in the house party are a huge unicorn themed assortment.

And it’s a fully customized package that you can download and install.

It’s grand, varied, beautiful and wondrous in its own way (exactly what you’d expect from a mythical creature).

Let’s go with that and transform your entire home, from patio to bedroom, with the unicorn aesthetic you’ve always dreamed of.

Unicorn animal

Look at this CC

What could be cuter and more beautiful than giving your Sims a real unicorn as a pet?

Well, with this CC, your Sims can now take care of a complete unicorn with a rainbow mane and horn!

Well, it’s a game changer. So it’s not necessarily ideal.

But it’s definitely a sight to see.

Buy this majestic monster in a few clicks and go to Narnia in style.

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