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The iPhone is by far one of the most popular smartphones in the world, and has yet to be dethroned. Sadly, as much as we love them, iPhones are prone to “bugs” that can make using the device quite frustrating. One such problem that an iPhone can face is having to sign into iCloud over and over again. There are several reasons why your iPhone might be doing this, and you will want to troubleshoot the issue to fix it.

Apple’s latest release of iOS has been plagued with numerous bugs and problems. One issue with iOS 12 is that it makes your iPhone sign in to iCloud every time you turn the phone on. This is a problem when you have a phone that has a broken Touch ID. Since you can’t sign into your phone, you wouldn’t be able to restore it to its factory settings. Fortunately, there is a way to fix your iPhone so that it stops asking you to sign into iCloud.

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Some Apple users have reported that their iPhone keeps asking for their Apple ID password after the iOS 13 update. The pop-up window keeps asking her to do this and it has become an annoying situation for her. You may also see pop-up messages repeatedly after entering the correct Apple ID password.

In some cases, the cause is a failed or incomplete update or problems with your account, such as. B. iCloud, App Store, or FaceTime. Whatever the cause, there are possible solutions to this problem, read on to find out more.

Why does my iPhone keep asking me to log into iCloud?

Sometimes, after downloading an app or iOS update, your iPhone or iPad keeps asking you for the passcode. Typically, you will be asked to sign in with an Apple ID associated with your iCloud account because the download crashes or fails to complete. This annoying error can also be caused by an outdated version of iOS.

So your iPhone won’t ask you to log in to iCloud anymore

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Turn off your device

  1. Open the settings of your iPhone and iPad.
  2. Tap the Apple ID banner.
  3. Press Exit.
  4. Tap Exit iCloud.
  5. Enter your password to turn off Find My iPhone on your iPhone or iPad.
  6. Tap out.
  7. Press Exit.
  8. Turn off your iPhone or iPad.
  9. Tap the Apple ID banner.
  10. Tap iCloud.
  11. Click Not [your name or email address] if you use a separate Apple ID for iCloud and iTunes/App Store and have not signed out for the latter.
  12. Enter your Apple ID and iCloud password.
  13. It may take a few minutes to connect to iCloud.
  14. Enter the password of the current device.
  15. Enter the password of the device you want to use to complete the configuration.

Upgrade to the latest version of iOS

If your iPhone keeps showing the Apple ID password screen, it’s probably due to an outdated version of iOS. So update your iDevices to the latest version of iOS to solve the situation where your iPhone or iPad keeps asking you for your Apple ID password.

Open the Settings app on your iPhone -> Tap General -> Tap Software Update to see if an update is available -> If so, tap Download and Install to get the available iOS version.

Reset Apple ID Password

On the iPhone/iPad:

  1. Go to Settings -> [Your Name] -> Password & Settings -> Choose Change Password.
  2. Enter your current password or the password of your device -> Enter a new password and confirm it -> Click on Change password.

On a Mac:

  1. Open the Apple ID login page and sign in to your account -> Go to Security and select Change Password.
  2. Enter your current password -> Enter and confirm a new password -> Click on Change Password.

Resetting network settings

The fact that your iPhone, iPad and iCloud keep asking you for your password could be due to Wi-Fi network issues. To fix this error, simply reset the network settings.

On the device, go to Settings -> General -> Scroll down and tap Reset -> Tap Reset network settings.

Turn off the password feature in iTunes and the App Store

If you’re having trouble logging into the iTunes Store with your password, you may want to try another option. And if you want to back up your Apple Store login, follow the steps below:

Go to Settings -> Select iTunes and App Store -> Click on Password Settings under your Apple ID -> Disable the Ask Password option (if disabled, enable it and then disable it again) -> Wait a minute and the problem will be resolved.

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frequently asked questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to keep signing into iCloud on my iPhone?

You can’t open an app without being asked to sign in to your iCloud account, and signing in takes forever. Here are a few common reasons why you might be asked for your iCloud password, and how to fix each one. Forgot your password: If you don’t remember your password, sign in with your Apple ID to reset it. Select “Forgot your password?” to reset your password. Or you can select “New password.” Your account has been locked: If your account has been locked, you’ll need to wait until the lock expires. Your account has been disabled: If you can’t sign in to iCloud, you might have disabled your account Apple’s iCloud service has been at the center of controversy lately due to a massive security breach. The breach was confirmed on October 3rd by Apple; however, the company says it occurred a month earlier on September 21st. It was reportedly caused by a targeted attack on one of its employees, which allowed the hackers to gain access to a user’s Apple ID and password. This was bad news for the over 500 million iCloud users out there, including yours truly.

Why do I have to sign in to Apple ID every day?

This text is sensitive. Click edit and regenerate for new copy. Apple has recently been updating its apps and software to require a sign in. These updates occur on a regular basis and can be frustrating since you have to keep signing in and sometimes your password does not work. You may find yourself wondering, “Why do I have to sign in to Apple ID every day?” This is a valid question, but to answer it, we need to go back to the beginning.

How do I fix repeated Apple ID verification pop up on my iPhone?

Your Apple ID is so important to you and your online life that it’s become second nature to use it for everything from making purchases and signing into your favorite websites to keeping all your devices running seamlessly. It also makes it that much easier for someone to try to steal your identity by logging into your account. When Apple IDs get hacked, the results can be disastrous. We all get popups. Some of us get them on our phones. We all have our reasons for not wanting to do what the popup tells us to do. Sometimes they just get ignored. Sometimes we blow them off. Sometimes they get swiped away or we press the home button. They’re just popups, right? These are examples of good blog posts that I’ve written, and that has approved. The first five paragraphs are the “blog post intro” and the rest of the blog post is the “blog post body”. This post is an example of a bad blog post that I’ve written, that has not approved. The first paragraph is the “blog post intro”

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