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If you’re using an iPhone, you can ask Siri to make emergency calls for you, assuming you have iOS 14.5 or newer and have enabled the feature in the Settings app. To make an emergency call, you can say things like, “Siri, call the police,” or “Hey Siri, call 911.” Siri will automatically call the appropriate emergency service for you, depending on where you are and your device’s current settings.

iOS 14.5 brings a brand new feature to iPhones: the ability to set up Emergency Calls on Siri. However, the process of setting it up is fairly straightforward, and requires you to turn on an Emergency SOS feature. Once you’ve activated the feature, simply tell Siri to call emergency services, and your phone will immediately call 911, and notify your selected emergency contacts.

While it’s possible to call emergency services using Siri, it’s not a feature that Apple promotes from within the iPhone’s Settings app. In this post, we’ll go over the steps required to set up emergency calling on your iPhone, and also touch on a few scenarios where doing so may be a good or bad idea.

iOS 14.5 has many long-awaited features, such as unlocking the iPhone with the Apple Watch, changing default apps, AirTag support, and more. One such feature is the ability to set up emergency calls through Siri on the iPhone. If you want to make emergency calls with Siri on your iPhone in iOS 14.5, you can read how to use the feature here. Activating emergency calls (5 quick presses on the side button) was always easy on the iPhone, but Siri has made the process even easier. Moreover, thanks to this feature, anyone can make an SOS emergency call with their iPhone. So when you need help, Apple’s virtual assistant is there for you. By default, the iPhone first emits a loud beep and then starts counting down. Then he calls the emergency services. When an emergency call ends, Siri notifies the emergency contacts you set in Settings. The notification tells you that you have made an emergency call and your current location. To use this feature, first add your emergency contacts and make sure Hey Siri is enabled on your iPhone.

Add an emergency contact:

Message: You can also go to Settings > SOS Emergency > Emergency contacts > Edit emergency contacts in health. From here you can add or remove a contact.

Call an emergency contact with Siri:

It’s very easy to call an emergency contact through Siri. However, you must first set up the Hey Siri feature of Apple’s virtual assistant on your iPhone. To do this, go to Settings > Siri & Search and tick Listen to Siri, Press the side button for Siri and Allow Siri on lock. To have Siri call you, just say: Hey, Siri, call my emergency contact. Siri will then immediately call the emergency contact. It also sends a message with your current location to the specified contact that you have called the emergency services. Message:

  • In some countries or regions, emergency services may access your location data when you make an emergency call.
  • With CDMA, once the emergency call is completed, iPhone automatically activates emergency call mode for a few minutes so that emergency services can call back. Meanwhile, iOS locks down data and text messages.
  • Check the emergency call information from your service provider for restrictions on making emergency calls over Wi-Fi.
  • After you make a call, iOS can disable certain dialing features that block or briefly mute incoming calls so emergency responders can call you back. These functions are as follows: Do not disturb, Mute unknown callers and Screen time.

So much for setting up emergency calls with Siri in iOS 14.5 on the iPhone! Given the unpredictability of life, you should always keep it. The beauty of this feature is that anyone can call Siri and make an emergency call on your behalf. This enables the emergency services to provide immediate assistance. You may also like – Download wallpaper for Android 12 If you have any questions, please leave a comment in the comments section. Share this article with your friends too. Other similar articles:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use iPhone SOS emergency?

After you upgrade to iOS 14.5, you will see a new feature on the iPhone SOS emergency, which is an important feature of emergency assistance. You can call the emergency number even when your iPhone is locked, in case of emergency. iPhone SOS emergency is a simple convenience for the user. The most simple way to use iPhone SOS emergency is as follows. You can turn on iPhone SOS emergency in Settings. Select the SOS entry in the Emergency section to give you a pop-up. As we all know, the “Emergency SOS” feature is one of the most useful ones on an iPhone. It’s triggered by pressing the power button 5 times in rapid succession and it will call 911, then your emergency contacts one by one. This feature is available in iOS 12 and later versions. However, the “Emergency SOS” feature is not well-known by iPhone users.

Can Siri call 911 when phone is locked?

Siri can do a lot more than just tell you the weather and set reminders. Which is great when you need to know if a dress is in your closet or track the package you ordered online. But there are some things you might never think to ask Siri, like “Can you call 911 when my phone is locked?” Right now, the answer to that question is no. But Apple is working on changing that. Siri has always been able to make phone calls, but you may not know that you can use it to make an emergency call even if your iPhone is locked. Whether you’re on call or in a situation where texting isn’t feasible, like driving, Siri can help you make the call. Just say something like, “Siri, make an emergency call,” or “Siri, call 911.”

How do I activate emergency Secretary of State?

Siri is a wonderful, wondrous thing. Siri is capable of so many things, and is always looking to do a bit more and be a bit smarter. That is why Apple is constantly pushing out updates to the personal assistant. Sometimes it’s about adding new features, or keeping a feature up to date, but sometimes Siri gets a small patch to fix a problem. Recently, the folks at Apple have been pushing out another such patch for Siri, and that’s an emergency patch, designed to fix a bit of a problem that can’t wait. In the past, you could activate the emergency SOS function in iOS by pressing the sleep/wake button five times in a row. In iOS 12, you no longer have to worry about where the SOS button is, as you can now activate the emergency SOS function by telling Siri, “Hey Siri, Emergency SOS.” The feature started rolling out with the iOS 12.1 update, so you might not see the option right away.

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