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Instagram leaves no stone unturned in bringing new features to the app and increasing engagement. The new feature we’re talking about here is called Remix. Yes, you heard me right. You can now create new video tapes together with the existing tapes of another user. The new feature is very similar to TikTok’s Duo feature and is therefore called Clones.

With the absence of TikTok in India, Instagram is trying to capture the entire market by introducing new features in the app that are very similar to TikTok. Last July, Instagram introduced Reels, a short video format that works similarly to TikTok. Initially, the processing possibilities were limited. But over time, Instagram has made some changes, and the role functionality has grown exponentially.

A new feature Instagram introduced Wednesday, Remix, is a cloned version of TikTok’s Duo feature that allows users to respond to others’ videos with their own. According to Instagram, the Remix feature will increase creative collaborations and engagement on the app.

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Remix allows you to create a reel-to-reel video using someone else’s existing reel. It’s a way to collaborate with different people on the platform. According to an announcement by Facebook, creators of Instagram can recommend their public videos on Facebook in India. This was done to increase the scale of the roles.

Features like this increase engagement and make the platform more connected, making it easier to collaborate with everyone.

When Reels was launched last year, it replaced TikTok and provided a stage to showcase its talents in a very clear video format. In the beginning it was not easy because of the limited capacities. Several new features have been added, for example longer recording times, options to crop and remove clips from the timeline, etc. These interactive tools allow people to communicate with each other.

A remix is simply a combination of two reels, with the second being a reaction to the first. A remix allows the user to record a new reel in conjunction with a reel already made by someone else.

You can make remixes on your own drums, but you can’t make remixes on drums that have already been remixed, or on drums whose maker doesn’t allow remixes. Remixes are automatically activated for new drums. However, if you have an old drum kit that you want to remix, you can enable it by pressing the three dot menu in the video and choosing Enable Remix. To disable remixes on all roles, you need to make some changes to your profile settings.

Image source : Samoa Social

Making a remix of an existing drum set is too easy. You can follow the steps below to create your first remix:

  1. Find the role you want to deform.
  2. Press the three points of the coil.
  3. You will find the option Correct this reel, select it.
  4. After clicking this option, your screen will be split between the original role and your new role. Start recording the remix next to the original reel.
  5. This function has several options, such as. B. Adjust the volume of the original sound, your recorded sound and add the voice-over. There are other options you can use to customize the remix.
  6. Edit the remix to your liking and you’re good to go.

The new feature has rolled out and users have started creating their own versions of the remixes. The Remix option is enabled by default on all new drums. For older roles, however, creators must enable the option themselves.

frequently asked questions

What are the new roles on Instagram?

Introducing Instagram Reels: a new way to record 15-30 second clips to music on Instagram. If Instagram reels seem a little familiar to you, it may be because of the new Reels tab that takes center stage in Instagram’s navigation bar.

How to get a rolling effect on Instagram

At the bottom of your Instagram camera, select Rewind. On the left side of the screen you will see many creative editing tools, including one for creating a : Audio: Search for a song in your Instagram music library. You can also use your own original sound by simply recording the reel.

Can I promote roles on Instagram?

Like TikTok, Instagram’s digital marketing videos, people can like and comment on our videos, so they’re perfect for encouraging engagement. We can also publish rolls of our history to track individual views if we wish.

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