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Cable is so 20th century. In the 21st century, everyone can now satisfy all their television needs thanks to the many streaming platforms available. These platforms offer better value for money and are accepted worldwide.

If you’ve never used streaming services before, you may feel overwhelmed by the variety of streaming platforms available. As you explore your options, consider coverage based on your choice of movies and TV shows.

The 8 best streaming services to use in 2021

The following list provides some options and some pros and cons of each.

1. YouTube TV

This service is widely regarded as the best streaming service in the world. YouTube TV provides access to 85 television and cable channels. They have an incredible selection of channels, and they have recently increased their subscription fees for more channels like CBS, Animal Planet, Cartoon Network, ESPN. They offer a lot of premium sports channels, so they have a high percentage of male subscribers.

2. Netflix

Netflix is considered the best on-demand streaming program because, unlike other platforms, it doesn’t try to replace cable television; instead, Netflix creates its own niche. If you read these spider reviews, you will realize that Netflix is a great streaming service option.

The basic subscription to Netflix is very affordable and you get great value for your money as it offers a wide range of movies and TV shows. Netflix has many older movies and even continues to release top movies from every continent.

3. HBO Max – HBO originals and exclusives

HBO Max has made an easy entry into the streaming business. There is a wide variety of television shows and a number of original series. Some of the most popular HBO series include Game of Thrones, Patrol of Doom, Pilot.

The advantage of HBO Max is that it works as an extension of cable television and as a true streaming platform. The only drawback is the high subscription price compared to other streaming platforms.

4. ESPN+

It is home to sports and offers a variety of live sports shows. You can watch live football, rugby, hockey, swimming and much more. These are just some of the sporting events that are broadcast on ESPN. They say ESPN is Netflix for sports.

All these live performances are offered at an attractive price. As expected, a large percentage of their viewers are male. ESPN is not only about sports, but also produces movies, television series and original documentaries. One of ESPN’s biggest shortcomings is the lack of NFL and NBA games.

5. Disney+

It’s the best streaming service for kids. In addition to Disney programs, films and series from Pixar, Marvel and National Geographic will also be shown. Disney Plus is very affordable, so kids can get what they want for a small fee. Disney Plus also lets you stream old and new original Disney movies and series.

6. Apple TV+ – good for Apple fans

Apple TV differs from other streaming platforms in that, unlike Netflix, Disney, and other platforms, there are no movies, shows, or programs on Apple TV that are not produced by Apple itself. So this streaming platform is unusual in that most of the movies on it are relatively new to you. The main feature of the Apple TV that stands out is its technical prowess. The sound and quality received rave reviews, although the content was considered relatively uninteresting.

7. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime offers at least three times as many movies as Netflix. It features a variety of genres, including action and comedy. Not all movies on this platform are blockbusters, but it does offer a great selection of movies. Prime video, as it is commonly known, allows you to add additional channels; this way you can add other channels like HBO, Starz, etc. Other non-original films are also available on this streaming platform.

8. Hulu + Live

You can stream new episodes of current shows on the Hulu platform. Hulu has a wide selection of movies, but the downside is that not necessarily all episodes or seasons of a particular series are available on the platform. You may need to purchase additional channels to watch certain programs. The streaming service Hulu does not produce original movies, but it does offer original movies from other streaming platforms.

Other streaming platforms include Philo, fuboTV, Sling TV, AT&T TV, etc. Sometimes a subscription to one streaming platform is not enough, and you need to opt for a combination of two or more platforms. Note that choosing a universal streaming platform is not ideal, as different platforms offer different features, channels and benefits.

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