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The Nayo Smart Almighty Functional Backpack is a large-scale bag with a unique design. While the typical backpack will have a design that is mainly focused on volume, the Nayo Smart Almighty Functional Backpack ignores the traditional volume-centric design in favor of a more functional approach. This bag has a ton of storage, and you can store just about anything in it. It also has a ton of pockets and places for you to organize your belongings. But perhaps most importantly, this bag is designed to make your life easier. This bag is like having a personal assistant that makes sure you never leave anything behind.

Nayo Smart Almighty Functional backpack is a great product that can be used by anyone for day trips, hiking, biking, school, traveling and camping. If you are tired of traditional backpacks and you are looking for something new, this backpack is for you. This backpack has a lot of different features that can make your life a lot easier. It has a built-in USB charging port and a  rechargeable battery to charge your phone, it can keep your food and drink cold for hours with its insulated design, and it has a built-in water bottle to hydrate you while you are on the go and a lot more.

Nayo Smart Almighty| Ultimate Business Travel Backpack Review!

Sometimes you just need a single solution that fills all the gaps in your needs. For some of us: The longer we stay in the city, the more we long for the outdoors or a business trip. But when we look at our backpack, we realize that it is not suitable for our use or that it does not have enough space for everything we want to carry.

So why not? Nayo Smart sees it the same way and has therefore combined a daypack, travel backpack, business backpack, photo backpack or sports backpack into this: the Nayo Smart Almighty Backpack. Nayo Almighty combines unique functionality with a futuristic look. The exceptional design with waterproof and eco-friendly TPU fabric is the main advantage. This backpack has a capacity of about 25 liters, making it the ideal backpack for those who prefer to travel with the bare essentials. If this is not the case for you, no worries, you can also opt for this futuristic 32-liter backpack.

If you want to know more about this backpack, check out the review below – it includes all of our impressions from the last two weeks of testing!

Technical data

  • Capacity: 25L, 32L
  • Weight: 1,2 kg
  • Dimensions: 46 x 32 x 16 CM, 51 x 35 x 17 CM
  • Materials : TPU fabric, nylon, polyurethane, waterproof YKK zippers.
  • Size laptop compartment : Laptop up to 17.3 inch
  • Water Resistance : 100%

Materials and aesthetics

The Nayo Smart Almighty offers the durability and functionality you’re looking for in a travel backpack, as well as a sleek, slim design. I have found that it works very well not only functionally, but also aesthetically.

The fabric is softer, the shape is rounder, and the hypalon tabs on the harness are pretty clean. This results in a more elegant appearance and easier operation.

At the time of writing, the Nayo Almighty is only available in one color, black, everyone’s favorite color. If you’re hoping for something more colorful, you won’t find it here. But if you are a professional user, you will definitely love this all-black color, which gives a luxurious feel.

In terms of appearance, the materials chosen by Away are pleasant to the touch and durable. As mentioned earlier, the nylon exterior is 100% waterproof. This waterproofing is ideal for drizzly days or when you accidentally put your bag on a wet surface. But don’t expect it to work well in a storm.

The entire backpack is equipped with Lenzip zippers – waterproof Lenzip zippers to be exact. We appreciate the extra protection these zippers provide for our belongings. They even have easy-to-grip handles and built-in garages where you can insert zippers to keep your bag airtight and secure. And they worked flawlessly throughout the test, so no complaints here.

The simple Nayo Smart logo is on the front of the backpack, another on the shoulder strap, back panel and a few other places.

Tour de sac: External components

In terms of construction, this bag stands alone with its foam lining and boxy shape. We know this is an important point for many users, including those who specifically ask us for bags that fit their feet, so it’s definitely worth mentioning.

Straps and lining are very important in hiking backpacks. And overall, the Nayo Smart Almighty is up to the task.

The shoulder straps are very well padded and the foam inside is dense and comfortable enough for the size and capacity of the backpack. In addition, the straps are slightly wider than normal, which we think helps distribute the weight more evenly across individual shoulders so the bag doesn’t feel too heavy, even when fully loaded.

There is a removable hip belt that attaches to the backpack with Velcro. It’s not very thick and has no padding – it’s a simple bracelet. It also has a handy elastic holder to manage the extra strap, which we always appreciate.

The two shoulder straps have two small hidden pockets for money, credit cards and a small cell phone organizer.

Yes, there is a small whistle in the belt on the sternum that is useful in many cases. There is also a small reflective strip on both straps, which is ideal for night walks.

The back is lined with mesh for better breathability, which is very important when carrying the bag in summer. The backrest is heavily padded with soft mesh foam and offers a high level of seating comfort. I used this backpack on my trip with almost 24 liters of gear, and actually found it more comfortable than my previous backpack, so comfort is another important feature of this backpack.

There’s also a pass-through for luggage, so you can easily attach this thing to your trolley. Behind it is a hidden medium zip pocket for everything that shouldn’t be stolen – passport, visa, extra money, wallet, etc. This area is also waterproof.

As for the handles, there is a coated metal handle on the top, which comes in handy when you need to grab the bag and carry it over a short distance.

The Nayo Smart Almighty also has an external USB charging port that you can use to charge your phone if you want the battery to be in the main compartment of the bag.

Finally, there is a zippered pocket on the left side of the bag for a water bottle. It’s not my favorite. Although we think it looks nice, the water bottle gets pretty battered during the race. However, it can easily handle a 500 to 750 ml bottle.

If you’re not happy with the single bottle pocket, don’t worry, there’s an insulated pocket on the left side that can hold a 500ml bottle. You can also put in your favorite bottle of cold drink or ice water. The insulated liner keeps the bottle cool on hot days (Wow! Now I can take this bag to tennis practice).

Inner packaging

Okay, let’s open this baby up. The top front pocket is very quick and easy to access – it’s a great place for small items you want to grab quickly – like a tissue, face mask and hand sanitizer.

Behind it is a larger compartment that opens in a horseshoe shape. The compartment extends to the bottom of the bag, creating a large hollow space that can be filled with a good amount of gear or equipment.

The inside has two patch pockets – there’s plenty of room for your phone, powerbank, charger or a small notebook. There are also two pen holders. Finally, the plastic keychain is of a better quality than other keychains we have seen.

Let’s go to the main compartment. This compartment opens up along its entire length like a nut shell. He reaches almost beyond the shell of the conch, like a hyper-flexible conch making a yogic backbend. The compartment itself has a nice bathtub shape that is incredibly easy to pack. There are two ways to enter, and several ways to share the space once inside.

On the back is a well-padded laptop sleeve with an expandable security strap. It can easily accommodate a large 15.6 laptop. There is a special compartment for a small laptop and an iPad (up to 12 inches), two smaller compartments on either side of it. It is very practical for storing all your work materials.

On top is a large mesh divider bag, ideal for filling packing cubes. Yes, there are several hidden zippered pockets – one on the bottom and two on the right side. Yes, there is a dedicated battery holder and two expandable holders that you can also use to hold your camera lenses.

I would like to point out that the company offers a waterproof toiletry bag and a data cable storage bag that you can also use for your daily necessities (such as hair clippers, toothbrushes, or other daily toiletries). So thank you, Nayo, for saving my extra $19!

Overall, this main compartment offers enough space to easily store clothes, toiletries, gadgets and accessories for short to medium trips (2-3 days). But it can also be used in different ways, as a backpack for everyday use or as an office bag, thanks to its modern and compact form factor.

Durability and testing

After two weeks of testing on Indian roads and at the airport. This doesn’t mean that the Nayo Smart Almighty is a bad backpack: In fact, it’s my favorite backpack, and I’ve enjoyed using it. If you often go on business trips or just like to carry backpacks, then you should definitely check out this versatile and innovative backpack from Nayo Smart Almighty.

So far it is very stable and durable. We have no problems, large or small, to report. This bag is definitely worth the $93 (15% extra discount at check out).

Nayo Smart Almighty Buy now:

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