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PowerToys 0.37 is now available for download. This is a minor release. But it is a big release with a lot of improvements. We have added a lot of useful features from various requests, with more than 80 changes in total. We have changed the default back-end to OVH dedicated servers because they are faster. We have fixed a couple of bugs and done a lot of refactoring which is done according to the new rules. We have included some new features such as – Advanced Security – This is a new security feature which is a plugin for “NO VIDEO STREAMING” available as an option on the main page. This security feature blocks videos on the web page.

PowerToys 0.37 stable version released with a bunch of improvements.. This version brings many improvements, including the ability to run PowerToys without Visual Studio installed.  PowerToys is a collection of useful extensions to the Windows operating system.  PowerToys includes DesktopOK, a powertoy that lets you move and resize windows easily.

Microsoft has released a new stable version of its PowerToys suite. PowerToys 0.37 does not include a mute feature for video conferencing, but it does include a number of fixes and improvements to the included applications.

This version introduces the previously announced change in system requirements. PowerToys now requires Windows 10 version 1903 or higher. Microsoft said it will be possible to continue supporting older versions of Windows 10, but only after upgrading to WinUI3. Currently, Microsoft cannot support Windows 10 versions lower than 1903, so the company has updated the requirements.

The PowerToys team is now focusing on stabilizing the mute tool for video conferencing to make it a stable branch of the app. This release also includes some changes to remove the obsolete Settings application and move the keyboard manager to a separate process. There are also new default keyboard shortcuts and general fixes and improvements.

What’s new in PowerToys 0.37

  • PowerToys now requires Windows 10, version 1903 or higher.
  • The default start key for the FancyZones editor is Win+Shift+`.
    • The new Quake mode in the Windows terminal will use Win+`. We think this is a much better use of the key.
    • Current PowerToys users can update this in our settings under FancyZone.
  • HTML-based configuration system removed in version 1


  • Fixed bugs in the editor user interface.
  • The monitor’s resolution is added to the top value, so you can immediately deduce that the above fields match your monitors.
  • Fixed editor crash when editing a custom layout


  • Added an option for capitalization.
  • Improved download speed when working with a large number of files.

PowerToys Run

  • Modification of the XAML to improve rendering.
  • Deactivated plugins will no longer be loaded
  • The workspaces of the VS Code plugin are now shown.

Keyboard manager

  • He is currently working as an independent expert. It now functions with a high priority in its own process. If your CPU is busy, the process should continue to take precedence.

Color selection

  • uses a centralized key ring. This should improve activation
  • Esc to close will not slip again.

Settings/ Welcome to PowerToys

  • Labels will stand out more
  • Several accessibility bugs have been fixed.

Quick Start Guide

  • Applications excluded from the shortcut guide.


  • New argument to start PT after silent installation

Quality of life of builders

  • Possibility of direct debugging using parameters

Download PowerToys

You can download PoweToys from GitHub.

Here you will find the stable and pre-released versions of the application package.

PowerToys Apps

Windows 10 PowerToys currently includes the following applications.

  • Screen Recorder – This new tool allows the user to record a portion of the application screen and save the recording to a file. It provides the ability to create a GIF animation from the user’s footage. Other features include the ability to crop the recording and adjust the quality of the video/GIF.VideoMenuEditor
  • The Video Conference Mute Tool is an experimental tool that allows you to mute audio and video on your computer with the click of a button or a mouse.

  • ColorPicker is a quick and easy color picker that lets you determine the color value of anything you see on the screen.PowerToys Color Picker
  • PowerRename is a utility that allows you to rename a large number of files using different naming conditions, e.g. B. Find and replace part of a filename, define regular expressions, change uppercase, etc. PowerRename is implemented as a shell extension for the file explorer (read the plugin). A dialog box will open with a number of options.

  • FancyZones – FancyZones is a window manager that makes it easy to organize and link windows into efficient layouts for your workflow, and also to quickly restore those layouts. FancyZones allows the user to define a number of window positions on the desktop that are targets for window dragging. When the user drags a window into an area, its size and location is adjusted to fill that area.FancyZones MultiMon improvements
  • Windows Shortcut List – The Windows Shortcut List is a full-screen overlay that provides a dynamic set of Windows shortcuts that apply to a specific desktop and the currently active window. If you hold down the Windows key for a second (you can adjust the duration in the preferences), an overlay appears on your desktop with all the available Windows shortcuts and the actions they perform based on the current state of your desktop and the active window. If you hold down the Windows key after creating the shortcut, the overlay persists and displays the new state of the active window.

  • Image Resizer is an extension for the Windows shell that allows you to quickly resize images.PowerToys Photo Editor
  • File Explorer Add-Ons is a set of add-ons for File Explorer. Currently includes two additions to the preview window to display the contents of *.MD and *.SVG files.

  • PowerToys Run is a new runtime command with additional options such as quick search for applications, files and documents. It supports extensions for functions such as calculators, dictionaries and search engines.

  • The Keyboard Manager is a tool that allows you to assign a different function to each key. It can be configured in the main PowerToys dialog.Allows you to reassign a single key or key sequence (shortcut).

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