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The expectation for the launch of the Realme laptop is getting higher and higher. Realme has unveiled the launch of the Realme laptop on June 21, and it is expected to be one of the most important products at this year’s IFA. The latest news shows that the laptop will first be sold in the online store of Realme. The latest news shows that the laptop will first be sold in the online store of Realme. It is reported that the new laptop will be sold at a price of RMB 2,799. The price is not as low as expected. The laptop will be launched on the official website of Realme on June 21 and will be sold at RMB 2,799.

The new Realme laptop, which will soon be launched, has finally received a name and a launch forecast. The new laptop is called the Realme Laptop, and it will be launched in June. Although it’s difficult to predict, since it’s not on the market yet, the estimated price of the laptop is about 3399 yuan. The Realme laptop will be equipped with a 10.1-inch AMOLED screen, with a resolution of 1920*1200. The operating system is Windows 10. It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, and the processor can be upgraded to a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. A battery of 11000mAh is packed in a body size of 20.3*10.8

After Realme India’s CEO hinted at the possibility of the company launching an affordable laptop, the manufacturer’s official website has finally revealed that this is the real goal of the Chinese.

This is because new searches appeared on the brand’s search page and it became clear that the device name should be realme laptop. Another interesting detail came to light this morning when the company posted the following on its official forum:

We have received many orders for laptops and would like to understand more about your needs. As you already know, we value the information and feedback you give us. Now is the time to tell us what you think.

Finally, the brand added an important question: Are you ready to upgrade your laptop in the next three months? This could be the biggest indication that the manufacturer is planning to release the laptop at this time.

Realme plans to launch a line of affordable laptops in the near future, said‘s CEO .

Realme is currently focusing on the smartphone and low-cost accessories market, but the company is catching the attention of fans with speculation that it may be working on an unprecedented line of laptops to be launched later this year.

The rumors began after the manufacturer unsubtly stated that it would launch its laptop line at 1. April of this year. A few weeks later, CEO Madhav Sheth was interviewed by, and when asked about a possible range of tablets and laptops available, he only allowed speculation.

We’ve had great feedback from our community, especially about the laptops. We do not wish to comment on this issue at this time as it is too early. But we’re happy that our friends and media fans trust Realme as their favorite brand to provide them with new products.

Madhav Shetkh
CEO realme India and Europe

In addition, the company published a survey form on laptop preferences on its official forum last Monday (03). The data collected included gender, age, annual income, the type of smartphone they use, as well as questions about the brand, cost and date of purchase of a laptop if they had one.

A curious question in the questionnaire concerns the purpose and intention of buying a laptop. The cost is not small either, ranging from INR 30,000 (~R$2,210.48) to INR 50,000 (~R$3,684.13).

When one combines the statements made by the responsible person with the content of the questionnaire, which is clearly aimed at determining the profile of the users for whom the product of this type will be intended, it can be concluded that Realme does not exclude the possibility of developing a portable computer.

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With a more optimistic outlook, Realme could be planning to launch an affordable laptop within three months, perhaps in the third quarter of the year. Although there is no official information to confirm this prediction, the manufacturer is expanding its smartphone lineup with the upcoming launch of the Realme Q3.

Source : gsmarena

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