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As you may know, there are a number of active background processes and services that help Windows run smoothly. Most of these background processes/services consume a minimal amount of processor power and RAM. However, sometimes a process gets interrupted or corrupted and consumes far more resources than usual, leaving little room for other applications to come to the fore. The diagnostic policy service is one such process that is known to rarely overload system resources.

The Diagnostic Policy Service is one of the common processes in Svchost.exe (host service). It is responsible for detecting and correcting problems with various Windows components. The service attempts to resolve detected problems automatically if possible, and if not, it stores the diagnostic information for analysis.

Since diagnostics and automatic troubleshooting are important functions for the proper operation of the computer, the diagnostic policy service is configured to start automatically when the computer is booted and to keep it running in the background.

The exact reason why it consumes more CPU power than expected is unknown, but depending on the possible solutions, the culprits could be a corrupted service instance, corrupted system files, a virus or malware attack, large event log files, etc.

What causes high CPU and host memory consumption Diagnostic policy service

The SRUDB.dat file is associated with the diagnostic policy service. This file can sometimes become very large and cause high memory usage. If we remove this file, the problem that the diagnostic policy service consumes a lot of processor power usually disappears.

The exact reason why it consumes more CPU power than expected is unknown, but depending on the possible solutions, the culprits could be a corrupted service instance, corrupted system files, virus or malware attacks, large event log files, etc.

To resolve a host error Diagnostic Policy Service High CPU and memory usage

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General offers

  1. First, try to stop the task process and let it restart. Make sure the process has a high CPU load now. If the problem persists, restart your computer.
  2. Run a scan of system files or run the DISM commands to repair the damaged mailbox.
  3. Try creating a new user account and see if the problem persists.
  4. Make sure you install the latest Windows updates.
  5. Start the troubleshooting program.
  6. Update the computer’s BIOS firmware to the latest version.
  7. Make sure you have the latest drivers installed on your system.

Using the file explorer

  1. Press W8K + R and type the following in the Run dialog box, then press Enter : %VinDir%System32sru.
  2. In the opened sru folder, find the SRUDB.dat file and delete it.
  3. Close File Manager and restart the system.

Message: If the SRUDB.dat file cannot be deleted because it is used by the diagnostic policy service, you must first set the diagnostic policy service startup type to Disabled. After that you can delete the file without any problems.

You can also delete the file from the command line in recovery mode.

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frequently asked questions

Close unnecessary programs/applications. If your computer uses a lot of memory, you can try closing some unnecessary programs and applications to solve this problem. Open Task Manager by right-clicking on the Windows icon and selecting Task Manager.

  1. Registration key : Press Win + R.
  2. Fix the driver problem: Open Device Manager and look for changes in hardware.
  3. Configure Windows 10 for optimal performance. Right click on the computer icon and select Properties.
  4. Disable startup programs. Press the Win + R key.
  5. Defragment the hard disk by pressing Win + R.

Disabling the Windows diagnostic policy service prevents certain file system I/O operations and can reduce the growth of a virtual disk as a mounted snapshot or clone. Do not disable the Windows diagnostic policy service if your users need diagnostic tools on their workstations.

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the Task Manager.
  2. On the Processes tab, scroll down the list and look for Host : Service diagnosis policy.
  3. Click Stop Task and make sure Cancel untrusted data and Stop are enabled.

frequently asked questions

What is the diagnostic policy of the service centre?

It is used by Windows to perform diagnostics. From the other thread: The Diagnostic Strategy Service is responsible for detecting, diagnosing, and resolving problems with Windows components. If this service is discontinued, the diagnosis will no longer work.

Is it possible to disable the diagnostic policy service?

Disabling the Windows diagnostic policy service prevents certain I/O to the file system and can reduce the growth of a snapshot or linked clone virtual hard disk. Do not disable the Windows diagnostic policy service if your users need to use diagnostic utilities on their workstations.

How to solve the high memory usage of the service host?

Disable local system host service tasks immediately [universal solution] Disable intelligent backup transfer service [basic solution] Disable superfetch service [universal solution] Disable automatic updates [basic solution].

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