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The Bingo scene in Goodfellas is a classic.

If you’re tired of the same old Bingo games at your local Italian American Club, and you’re ready for a change of pace, you should probably go see a movie. There’s bingo in almost every major motion picture, but some of these scenes really stand out. Here are the best of the best.

Spending a day or night playing bingo can be very fun and entertaining, making it the perfect game to showcase in the movie world. We all know the quirky and humorous charms of bingo and may have encountered some questionable characters while playing. So it makes sense that the iconic bingo hall would be an interesting setting for a movie scene.

If you’re wondering where you’ve seen bingo on the big screen lately, look no further because we’ve listed the best movies with legendary bingo scenes that might have you screaming along with the characters!

Big Mama’s House 2

Known as a comedy classic, this sequel to the Big Momma film series could be just as funny as the first, as FBI agent Malcolm Turner (played by Martin Lawrence) becomes Hattie Mae Pierce again. This time, the comic adventure is about an undercover mission in which Turner must pose as a nanny for the Fuller family – dressed, of course, as a Big Mama who is bigger than she looks.

Turner keeps an eye on the family, especially the father who plays a key role in national security matters, and invites the Clangs to a bingo game while he replaces their babysitter.

There are many comedic moments in the film, but the bingo scene stands out for its treatment of popular American entertainment for the older generation. It may look like a normal bingo game, but the tension of the players becomes apparent when one of the Fuller children accidentally calls off the bingo without the winning card, and the entire crowd of players turns to her in horror and in dead silence!

The 75-ball version of bingo is the most popular game in America, with complex and varied payout options. It’s no surprise then that hard-core players are completely focused on their game and, as this scene from the movie Big Momma’s House 2 shows, don’t like it when others in the bingo hall make noise or treat them badly.

Things get even worse for Turner when he tries to question Tom Fuller during the game, but is repeatedly rebuffed by a stray bingo player. Also, the youngest of the Fuller family seems about to shed light on Turner’s true identity, but instead he speaks a strong word: Bingo!

Hotel Transylvania

In this animated film, the classic game takes a terrifying turn when monstrous characters with tampons in their hands start playing bingo at Hotel Transylvania.

The film tells the story of Count Dracula and his daughter Mavis who run their own monster shelter. As in any good ski resort, there’s plenty of entertainment for spooks and gnomes, including a spooky bingo.

Adam Sandler plays Count Dracula and his vampire daughter (played by Selena Gomez) celebrates her 118th birthday. Birthday. The adventure begins when 21-year-old Jonathan (Andy Samberg) stumbles upon a hotel while traveling. In a human-free zone, Dracula must do everything in his power to prevent the other monsters from discovering Jonathan’s presence in the station.

In Dracula’s attempt to show how much fun a hotel can be, we come across a special bingo game. But this is no ordinary game, because the balls have been replaced by small talking skulls that spin around the bingo machine.

The bingo caller is a not-so-energetic old leprechaun who picks out a tiny skull to find out what number has been called – which is whispered to him by a tiny skeleton. As she addresses the crowd with a shout of N-27, Eunice, Frankenstein’s wife, calls out, Bingo!

We can assume that they are playing the most popular bingo game in the United States, the 75-ball version, because Eunice is seen holding a card that shows a grid of five by five numbers, and she slides the card diagonally to win.

But in true Transylvanian fashion, his bingo card is eaten by a nearby player, who also happens to be an old goblin. Throughout the film, she is laughed at for the unusual things she eats!

Fun, laughter and some truly touching moments, it’s no wonder this animated film was nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature and sowed the seeds for the Hotel Transylvania franchise.

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