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This guide covers the details you need to know and learn in Trials of Fire. If you are a beginner or advanced Trials of Fire player, you should check out this guide to improve your game.

As we all know, there are so many first pass mechanics in Trials of Fire hame that it’s pretty hard for new players to get into the game. Therefore, this guide was hastily created to explain some of the mechanisms and tactics to newcomers.

Test of basic firefighting principles

Multiple use of each card

  • The card can be played, redrawn for 1 will, redrawn for 1 move, redrawn for 2 defenses. Unlike other deckbuilders, cards that are not custom or even weak can be used as resources. Taking poorly recyclable cards will not be a big problem when building, but non-recyclable cards and cards with self-discard or self-discard of other cards should always be avoided.

Cards are resources

  • Each card played is worth not only the will, but also the card itself, as it can be returned to the will, movement or defense. For example, a card with 0 cost costs 1 resource (card), a card with 1 cost costs 2 resources (will and card). A card with a value of 3 costs only twice as much as a card with a value of 1, a card with a value of 3 costs nothing.

The team is complete and flexible.

  • The pool of willpower is divided. You can play power cards on other characters instead of the owner. Some power cards are specifically designed to be played by other characters, for example: the Asylum. Depending on the situation, you can turn each of your characters into a tank, turn each of them into a damage spreader (except the ones with multiple attack cards), and force different powers on different characters. For example, if the enemies are coming in a horde, give your elemental an offensive and combat stance and have him bombard the enemies with AOE spells; if you’re dealing with an end boss, give your warrior a power and use his cheap attacks. Is your hunter in a difficult situation, vulnerable to the environment? Why not abandon elasticity and recycle all your cards on defense?

The role of each character is flexible.

  • Why should an elementalist be vulnerable when she can hold a shield, wear legendary armor, and knows how to play armor forward? Why not have the Warlord hold the Book of Sparks (burn on target) so the Elementalist can use the burn with full hand when drawing the card? Can a hunter do something in melee while replacing all his melee cards? He can still do incredible damage with a combo hit with normal power when enemies are nearby.

Quality and traceability

  • Quality is not only offered by armor, helmets, handguards and shields. Each quality point gives you a chance to redraw in battle. Keeping your cards in your hand is one of the most important mechanisms of the game. You can redraw any number of cards. Because it’s a team, it’s easy to recycle unusable cards and let others play them if they’re still good enough to play. For your main damage dealers, it’s a good idea to equip a few quality weapons to maintain a good portion of the attack map and enough quality to draw supporting cards at critical times. Assassins should be chosen wisely, as a general rule don’t take a few qualities to reduce the proportion of the main cards. Usually there will be someone on your team who acts as a special willpower generator, try to put willpower items on a character.


  • Maybe hidden mechanisms not mentioned in the manual. Unlike other Rogues, each character only has 10 True Health, the extra part being the armor. The loss of armor does not continue between battles. It is therefore possible to inflict health damage as long as the character still has armor afterward. So there’s no problem with putting someone as a canon file as long as their actual health doesn’t drop and no energy is lost. In the early game, when ability defense isn’t as important, you can try to rotate the damage of each of your characters to keep everyone above the actual health line. Don’t feel guilty about letting the alchemist take the blows for a warrior. Late in the game, the amount of armor becomes less important to your main characters, as taking armor damage (instead of defense damage) also reduces power, and putting useless cards on the damage dealer would be a bad deal for a few armor.

Legendary Items

  • Each legendary item would give a special bonus over what an epic item would give. Try to look closely at the details. Some of these may be the beginning of a particular construction project.

Spa food

  • This was not mentioned in the tutorial and is usually only needed from Cataclysm 3 onwards, when rest healing is only 1. On the world map, you can drag food to each of your characters to heal them, giving them 3 health points again after Cataclysm 3. It’s okay if one of your characters is weak if they don’t rest.

Fire Tactics Testing

How you were damaged

Not everyone can play all their cards at once – the cards are converted into willpower. In general, the most efficient way to generate a lot of damage per turn is to give one character all of the damage-oriented skills while other characters recycle cards to give him enough willpower to play all of the attack cards.

As mentioned earlier, power can go to and from any of your characters. You can play the elementalist’s combat stance (+2/3 damage) and the hunter’s attack stance (+1 damage), allowing him to spend 3 and deal about 18 damage and unleash multiple combo hits during his turn.

The shock can be treated as +1 damage for a buff physical attack (melee or ranged). The burn can be treated as +2 damage from a magic attack. The effect can be seen as +1 for all attacks. Your dealer does not need any cards for this. Drop your support.

Cast Advantage (free melee attack if an opponent nearby gets the named effect) and Aura of Pain (+1/2 point of damage per named effect on the target) on the warrior, then have the warrior subdue the opponent to get an enhanced double attack for 10 points of damage with no other enhanced opponent.

The combo punch is an important damage bonus in the beginning and middle of the game. Rework the card to enter a combo stronghold area that is full at the beginning of the game – Sweep costs 2 resources (1 Wp + 1 card), move costs 1 card. That way, a combo move pays off easily, and you win a lot if more than one combo is triggered. With combo hit bonus cards, this can be a serious source of damage during the game – just put those bonuses on someone other than your main melee character, since the team is the whole package.


As the game progresses, your team’s main combat skill will be focused on strength. It’s hard to hit a dragon with 1 or 2 damage per source, but with an aggressive stance, a fighting stance, and a dead eye on the hunter, even one shot can do 8 damage, or 4 damage per source. An aggressive, agile assassin deals 3 damage and benefits from 3 defenses for 0 cents (he plays the card but gets 1 will back), and maybe even more if damage is dealt to him.

Generating willpower with action cards is not that easy, as a gathering only gives 4 willpower at a cost of 2 and the card is a net 1. But willpower in general can be achieved through skills like preparation, meditation, and a calming presence (sharing cards is much better).

A special tank can also be built by stacking defensive skills to block the enemy’s path or line of sight. With a defender (+2/3 defense on good friends) + a defensive stance (+2/3 defense on melee), a melee character can easily protect anyone with cheap attacks.

Performance protection

Forces can be disabled, which is detrimental to your health. It is of greater importance to deprive your opponent of certain key powers than to deprive one without those powers. For example, a ratchet archer can only do 1 damage when drawn (ok 2 if upgraded). But with Deadeye, his damage is definitely tripled to 3. It’s better to leave two without a death than one with.
The character carrying the power must be well protected by guards, line of sight blocking, or lane blocking. Using energy for irreparable characters would just be a waste of resources. So, when building a team, the source of the defense becomes more important as the game progresses. Armor doesn’t help you anticipate power, but armor forward and block does. Someone hiding behind them can hold the will generators, but a Damage Distributor still needs extra protection.

Enemies also know the importance of forces and want to target the one with the most. It’s better to protect forces than characters in the middle and end of the game. Losing a character is much less painful than losing a power stack on the main character, as a lost character still gains 2 willpower points per round – 1 lost willpower point per round on par with losing a disc.

Of course, the loss of 2 characters would lead to a serious lack of resources. Even if you take items with defense cards, defense skills, or class defense cards, there are many ways to protect your lore. You can put a warrior in front of a hunter to hit him with arrows. A cheap summon can cause the opponent to lose important cards. A spell that causes a cooldown and some push/pull will easily take out enemy melee this turn. Just try to keep a good amount of defensive dimension on the team to protect the forces.

And that’s it for this trial by fire manual. We want to thank Blastom for this great tutorial.

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