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What is a podcast and how does it work? During your daily commute, you probably wonder what people are listening to as they go on their way. Chances are, the person sitting or standing next to you is listening to the podcast. This type of media content allows listeners to follow their favorite channels and download episodes for later use.

What is a podcast?

Depending on who you ask, you will get different answers to that question. For some, a podcast is like an audio file in the cloud that you can download to your device. For others, it’s a blog to listen to on demand.

Well, podcast is a combination of the terms iPod and broadcast. It is mainly a talk show that harks back to the good old days when radio dominated the airwaves. You can talk about anything under the sun.

There are programs about food, crime stories, and even ghost sightings. This media content is intended for individuals or companies who want to independently communicate their message to their audience.

If you’re a marketer, you probably want to use podcasts in your next campaigns. In the 2021 Statistics blog, 20% of listeners bought products or services after hearing about them in podcasts. In addition, the podcast channel offers the company and its followers the chance to create a community around a product or service. That’s why more and more companies are integrating podcasts into their marketing channels.

How does it work?

Creating or listening to podcasts is a simple process. Companies can take advantage of podcasts in their marketing strategy. All listeners have to do is download a streaming app that contains and plays the podcasts. It should be noted that there are different players for iOS, Android and Windows devices.

For companies

For many businesses, creating a website or blog is the primary way to have an online presence. But uploading content to a website only displays that content and doesn’t really help promote the business, let alone build customer loyalty or increase profits. To achieve your marketing goals or grow your business, the first thing you need to do is increase your website traffic. When you attract visitors to your website, it leads to more sales.

The problem is that there are currently too many websites competing for the same audience. But that’s where a podcast can help. Businesses can create their own podcasts or advertise on others’ podcasts. Either way, podcasts can effectively drive traffic to your website.

For trainees

Listeners must first choose a podcast player or streaming platform. Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy a new device just to listen to podcasts. There are about five major platforms or players where you can listen to podcasts. Most of these applications are free.

Once you have chosen a podcast player, all you have to do is find the podcast you want to listen to. You don’t have to sweat. All podcast players make recommendations based on the topics you like. Once you find the show you’re interested in, click the Subscribe button to listen to the show and receive regular episode updates. It’s that simple.

Advertise your podcast

Integrating podcasts into your company’s marketing toolbox is a smart move. Here are two tips on how you can use this media content to increase the engagement of your website visitors and ultimately increase your net profit.

Use your host audience to your advantage

People are what podcasts are about. If you can invite celebrities to your podcast, you can be sure that their followers and fans will also come to your channel. Make sure your listeners can easily share your podcast so their social network can easily access it as well.

Social media advertising

Make sure you promote your podcast and new episodes when you can. By sharing links to your podcast, you increase awareness of your podcast and your brand.

What makes podcasts different?

There are many ways to use online content. And just because the media content you want to use contains sound doesn’t automatically mean it’s a podcast. Here are three media formats that look like podcasts, but technically aren’t.

  • Vlog is an abbreviation of video blogging. As the name suggests, the content is blog-like, with the latest episode at the top. The blog contains both audio and video. So that users can see it, not just hear it.
  • Webcast – This type of presentation has both audio and video capabilities. However, webcasts usually include live segments, such as B. Live streaming or live news broadcast.
  • A video podcast is a podcast accompanied by a slide show of images. Like a podcast, it can be downloaded for later use, and is usually longer than a vlog.


Have an idea for a podcast topic? This is the perfect time for the world to hear what you have to say via podcast. If you are starting a podcast for your business, make sure you know what it is, how it works, and how best to promote it.

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